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Sandbox survival is a minecraft survival map set in a bedrock box filled with sand and surrounded by void, which makes escape somewhat unlikely. Survival mostly entails excavating the sand for treasure, so people who enjoy making and using spades are going to be super stoked with this map. Because the maker didn’t make the mistake of providing a ‘starting chest’ you have to actually work for your survival – which is the sort of labor minecraft survivalists enjoy more than anything. Unlike other survival maps, where there is inevitably a waiting period in which you can do nothing besides wait for your trees to grow, Sandbox Survival provides you with the neverending fun of – digging! You can dig like a mad badger all night long if you want to, and you will want to because failing to do so will result in death. Or failed survival. Same thing really. Are there challenges? Yes. A whole lot of them, including the usual farm buiding, cobblestone generating, infinite water sources creating blah, blah blah. Challenges aren’t my thing, but if they’re yours theres a hefty list to complete. Sandbox survival is a compact, simple minecraft after the classic minecraft survival style. You’ll probably enjoy it, and you may as well download The Long Dark map here or else you’ll never know.

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